Our Doctors

Changjun Lan
  • Changjun Lan
  • Doctor profile: Major TitlesMember of Cataract Group, Society of Ophthalmology, Chinese Medical AssociationMember of...
Dr. Hu Jianbin, President of Aier East
Dr. Zhang Su, Associate Chief Surgeon
Dr. Lu Qi, Associate Chief Surgeon
Dr. Mo Jing, associate chief surgeon
  • Dr. Mo Jing, associate chief surgeon
  • Doctor profile: Dr. Mo Jing post graduated from Wenzhou Medical School and in her over 10 years of clinical practice she gained wide exp......
Dr. Li Zhengshi, associate chief surgeon & consultant
Dr. Sun Fengyuan, Professor, Chief Surgeon, Doctoral supervisor
Dr. Du Anshi
  • Dr. Du Anshi
  • Doctor profile: Dr. Du has been in ENT clinical practice for 15 years and has wide experience in diagnosis and treatment of lacrimal pas......


International & VIP Clinic
Second Floor, No. 388, Shuanglin Road
Chenghua District, Chengdu, China

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Clinic Line: 028-68100800
Office Line: 028-68100811
Email: imsadachen@aiereast.com

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