Eye Bag Removal祛眼袋

Eyes are the most essential parts of our face. They are a window into just who we are. A pair bright and energetic eyes make us look young with vitality. However, puffy eye bags make us appear tired and more aged. Originally derived from Ocular PathologicPlastic Department, our Plastic & Cosmetology Service Center provides anti-aging treatments of facial and neck skin, and ocular plastic surgeries for both beauty and pathologic purposes, where eye bags can be treated surgically and non-surgically. 
What is eye bag? Can we completely eliminate it?
The eye bag refers to the lower eye, the skin is drooping and bloated, and the bag is in the form of a bag.
The eye bag is divided into primary and secondary according to the etiology. Primary pouch often has a family genetic history and is more common in young people. Secondary eye bag is more common in the middle and elderly.
 Through non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment, eye bag can be effectively eliminated.
The cause of bag眼袋形成的原因:
1.Genetic Factor遗传因素
When some people are born with very thin eye tissue and subcutaneous tissue around the orbit, the blood forms a blue-black eye circle as it flows through the subcutaneous tissue and the great artery.
2.Sleep debt睡眠不足
Due to excessive fatigue, the eyes can’t  get full rest, so that the eyes are in a state of contraction and tension for a long time, resulting in insufficient blood supply below the eyes, which will cause the circulation of the lower part of the eye circle is not smooth, and begin to appear congestion and edema.
With the increase of age, the skin under the eyelids gradually relaxes. After relaxation, the skin and orbital septumfall, and the fat part in the orbit also fall together then form a bag.
Removal of eye bag
There are two ways to get rid of the eye bag, one is physical, which is non-operative and non-invasive. Another one is surgical, relatively light.
Eye bag in the early stage can be treated by non-surgical treatment. Like laser or some physiotherapy, which can tighten the skin by stimulating the local skin, shrink the eye bag and promote it to bounce back, but the effect of this way may not be particularly ideal, only a part of the therapeutic effect can be achieved.
The most fundamental and effective treatment still requires surgery to cut off, remove the loose skin at the moment, tighten the skin, and re-place the excess fat, leaving the remaining fat back to its rightful place.
Chengdu AIER East Eye Hospital Plastic & Cosmetology Service
At our Plastic & Cosmetology Department, eye bag removal surgery can be done on either outpatient or inpatient base depends on clients’ schedule and expectations on post-surgery care. Forthe first night after inpatient surgery, clients are inspected and cared by our professional team therefore would be much relieved from the post-surgery reaction. Local or general anesthesia can be chosen based on different individual psychological endurance. Eyelids swollen usually lasts 1 to 3 months 

Dr. Du Anshi, chief of AIER East Plastic & Cosmetology Service has wide experience in lacrimal passage disorders and ocular plastic surgeries. 



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