Why We Need Prescription Eyeglasses from Eye Hospital/Clinic

Why We Need Prescription Eyeglasses from Eye Hospital/Clinic
It is the fact that commercial optic shops offer cheaper and “practical” solution by selling people eyeglasses through simple traditional optometry tests have long been everywhere in the streets. When people have to get prescription eyeglasses, glasses shops in the street full of fashion brands and good price choices is often the first idea that comes to the mind. Do you ever ask the question is it enough? Different from the traditional optometry which focused primarily on correcting refractive error through the use of spectacles, the modern day optometry, or medical optometry that produces ophthalmic prescription, has developed into a health care profession which involves examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects or abnormalities as well as the medical diagnosis and management of eye disease.
A pair of corrective eyeglasses by an ophthalmic prescription offers total correction of the individual's sight. They also reduce or eliminate problems that result from eye strain, such as headaches or squinting. For children, ophthalmic prescription eyeglasses can control the progress of the vision problem and prevent occurrence of other eye problems. The medical optometry from eye hospital provides ophthalmic prescription and it differs that provided at street glasses shops both conceptually and operationally. At AIER East Eye Hospital, a team of eye doctor,experienced certified optometrist and lens maker together conduct the medical optometry and lens making in order to give a precise prescription that not only correct the vision but also protect and enhance vision function.
What Is Binocular Vision Function?
In producing an ophthalmic prescription, binocular vision function must be taken into consideration. Human eyes are located at both sides of the face. When we cover one eye in turn and focus the other at one object, we would notice different images with different position as a result of seeing with different eye. The binocular vision function refers to the complex process when our brain aligns different images saw by two eyes as one and forms one stereo image. Normal alignment of two eyes enables people to perform delicate work, judge the distance, size, location and direction of objects. To simplify, people with normal vision function see things in stereo images while people with abnormal vision function see flat image or two images of one object. 
Why binocular vision function examination is so important in medical optometry?
The traditional optometry only tests for diopters by examining eye’s refractive status. The prescription is not complete if the eye’s health in general and its accommodation power, infusion and vergence are not inspected. Only with the ophthalmic prescription based on the integrated optometry combined with vision function examination, plus patient’s work and life style can doctor give personalized eyeglasses wearing advice to ensure clear vision and comfortable long wearing. 
Binocular Vision Function Tests in Children’s optometry tests
Children with vision defects are more likely to be found with abnormal binocular vision function development. In such cases, vision correction is simply not enough. Visual function training needs to be customized for each child according to the personalized needs. 

Differences between medical optometry and traditional optometry in commercial optic shops
On-site Optic Shop of AIER East Eye Hospital Optometry Center
AIER East Eye Hospital runs an on-site optic shop at its premises where many major brands at different prices are available for choice. From the prescription to the ready-made eyeglasses, every step of the whole process is controlled by AIER standard for your best vision quality and eye health. 



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