Cataract Surgery at Aier East 东区爱尔白内障手术

Cataract Surgery at Aier East
Procedures at Aier East
At Aier East, there are two main types of surgical procedures of cataract surgery, conventional/manual phacoemulsification and femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery. 
Manual cataract surgery involves the creation of corneal incisions with a keratome blade, a continuous curvilinear capsulorrhexis using forceps, and manual splitting or cracking of the nucleus followed by phacoemulsification and cortical aspiration.
Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery is a technology that uses a laser to replace the manual steps of cataract surgery with the goal of improving accuracy, safety, and refractive outcomes. Compare to manual procedure, the unique femtosecond laser reduces collateral damage to ocular tissues, has faster post-surgery healing and result in less astigmatism due to accurate and smooth cutting surface. 

Before Surgery
Before the cataract surgery, doctor will run a comprehensive eye exam to check the overall health of patient’s eyes, evaluate whether there are reasons why patient should not have surgery and identify any risk factors patient might have.
Series examinations including integrated optometry test also will be performed to accurately determine the amount of nearsightedness, farsightedness and/or astigmatism patient has prior to surgery. Patient’s corneal curvature and length of eyeball will also be measured. 
With all the data ready at hand, doctor will discuss with you your choices of the intraocular lens type in order to give you the best vision possible after surgery depending on your specific needs. 
Part-time use of reading glasses is needed after cataract surgery with monofocal IOLs while that with multifocal, or trifocal IOLs provides a greater range of vision after cataract surgery than conventional monofocal IOLs. Though people may all like the idea of being less dependent on glasses, not everyone is good candidate for these premium, also more expensive IOLs. 
About the Surgery
When patient decides to go on with Aier East for cataract surgery, the following will happen:
1. Patient visit hospital for the pre surgery evaluation/consultation. Doctor helps patient decide the right and desirable type of IOLs according to patient’s eye condition and the post-surgery vision expectations.   
2. Once patient decides on the IOLs, surgery day will be scheduled. If patient chooses to use monofocal IOLs, the surgery is usually scheduled on the following day. If patient choose to use multifocal/trifocal IOLs or the type with astigmatism, surgery will usually happen in 3days because the IOLs need to be customized. The pre surgery examinations can either be done on the same day of the consultation day or the day before surgery day. Admission papers needs to be done before patient leaves hospital.
3. If patient choose not to stay in the hospital the night before surgery, patient has to make sure to fast since 10:00pm and arrive at the ward at 8:00am, so blood samples can be delivered to the lab at in time and surgery can happen as schedule. 
      如果患者希望手术当日再来院, 应确保早上8点空腹到达病房,以便及时进行血检。
4. Patient stays overnight after surgery for post observation with surgical eye patched and will be discharged with eye patch removed the following morning if doctor finds everything ok in the morning round check. 
Aier East Cataract Unit is headed by Dr. Xiao Zhiquan. He is one of the doctors who first introduced and practiced phacoemulsification cataract surgery in Sichuan Province. He is active in many national anti-cataract-blindness projects. During his over 30 years’ clinical practice, Dr. Xiao has done over 40,000 cataract surgeries and he also has wide experience in diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, uveitis, hyperopia, eye trauma, ophthalmic plasty and ocular prosthesis implant.

About Hospitalization
Although in many countries cataract procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, In China, due to health regulation, most hospitals, including Aier East, still do cataract surgery as inpatient procedure. 
Aier East Eye Hospital take care of 120 inpatient beds. Patient has choices among private, semi-private and multi-bed rooms. Supplies in private and semi-private room include toothbrush, toothpaste, slippers, bath towel, shower gel, hair shampoo, bottled water, microwave oven and safe case if required. Although patients are required to wear surgical gown when going into surgery room, patients are allowed to bring and wear their own pajamas in the ward. 

Dining options at Aier East Eye Hospital include the dining hall on the 4th floor, McDonald’s on the first floor. Patient can also order from the Pizza Hut menu for Western food. Coffee is available from the vending machine on the first and second floors. Ask help from your nurse whenever necessary.



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