OPT-IPL治疗干眼症/The IPL (OPT) for Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye can be very annoying accompanying with symptoms including eye redness, burning eye, foreign body sensation, itchy, dry, stinging, tearing, visual fatigue etc. Meibomian gland dysfunction is the major type of dry eye among all other causes and it leads to inadequacy production or degeneration of tear lipid so the tear that is to lubricate eye surface vaporizes too fast. If not treated or inappropriately treated, severe dry eye may interfere with patients’ life quality or work performance and could affect vision.

Now IPL is the answer for many patients who are still uncomfortable despite their receiving of multiple dry eye treatment as well as those patients fed-up with the expensive and lifetime commitment to drops, pills, ocular appliances, warm compresses and supplements for relief.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is recognized worldwidely as an advanced technology that is being used in ophthalmology to treat dry eye in addition to its great variety use in cosmetology.


IPL treatment for dry eye is a painless, non-invasive outpatient procedure requires no anesthesia or sedation. At AIER East, the optimized IPL technology (OPT) is combined with medicine fumigation therapy, warm compress, meibomian gland massage and cold compress to deliver best treatment results. The treatment package takes around 40 minutes. 

IPL is not a laser, it’s a xenon flash wavelength light in specific spectrums of certain frequencies. Through applying to skin around eyes, it works on Meibomian glands with stimulation, melting the secretion, dilating the gland and killing microorganisms that causes infection all at once.
At AIER East Eye Hospital, we apply OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology), a more advanced technology compared to the regular IPL to treat dry eye. The traditional IPL creates pulses in decreasing pattern, which usually delivers a spike of energy at the beginning of the pulse that is higher than required and an attenuated energy at the end of the pulse usually lower than required. In contrast, during an OPT pulse the energy is even and constant therefore it delivers safer treatment with less stress for patients. 
Generally OPT is done round every 20 days for usually 3 to 4 times to obviously improve the function of Meibomian glands. The enhanced lipids are a much more effective surfactant and enhance tear function and reduce or eliminate dry eye symptoms. After the first course of treatment, a maintenance treatment half a year or once a year thereafter would usually keep Meibomian glands work well.



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